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Newsetter in finnish

The TofIE project provides teachers, professors, and educators with the necessary skills and knowledge about learning disorders.

The project promotes their professional development and provides them with tools that they can apply in their daily work. The focus is on higher education students not studying in their first language.

What has been done

TofIE is well underway and there have been many exciting progressions over the last few months. With our main objective to equip teachers with skills and knowledge about learning disorders, we have been very busy developing a handbook and doing a needs analysis among educators. Based on the contents of the handbook, a training course for educators was developed. 

Within the project, the team conducted a needs analysis among educators. This analysis helped them to assess their learning gaps, the difficulties they face and to evaluate their needs in supporting students with learning disorders and difficulties. 

Based on the outcomes of the needs analysis, a useful and comprehensive handbook for educators was developed that gives them practical resources and tools to support and better understand the learning methods of students with perception, attention, and concentration difficulties, such as attention deficit, Hyperactivity Disorder, or linguistic difficulties. This handbook is an important tool that can be used by educators in many contexts. It offers general information on different kinds of disorders. On top of that, it offers educators a useful resource of tips, topics, tools, and exercises that support them in teaching students in need of special attention.

Next steps

By the start of next year, the training course for educators will be completed. The contents of the training course are based on the developed handbook, and it will teach the educators how to deal with students with learning disorders. This helps educators to support the social inclusion of individuals with learning disorders in Europe, especially foreign students.  

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