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By whom?

ToFIE project team consists of specialists in six European partner countries. The project is funded by EU Erasmus+ programme and coordinated by Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Finland. 

laurea university of applied sciences

At Laurea, we believe in interaction and encounters between people; the ability to meet another person is our most valuable capital. The Laurea community is comprised of approximately 7,800 students, 600 staff members and more than 30 000 alumni of our University of Applied Sciences.

Kristiina teaches Finnish as a second language for international students of healthcare and social services. Language as a tool of inclusion and integration is close to her heart. Proud servant of two amiable cats. 

Riikka Kanervo (senior lecturer in social services)

Riikka teaches and tutors Bachelor students with an immigrant background. Believes in equality and equal opportunities for everyone. Sees pedagogy as a tool to promote inclusion. When she’s not teaching, she is climbing walls or wandering in nature.

Leena Kuosmanen (senior lecturer and special needs teacher)

Leena’s expertise is accessible service environments and hospitality management. Understanding diversity in a multicultural learning environment is a priority in counselling and teaching. When bicycling in freetime, she often has a sketchbook, pencils and a camera with her.


In INCOMA we are involved especially in the development of social innovation projects, with special focus on training targeting groups at risk or with special difficulties to enter the labour market. Our aim is to leave the world a little bit better than we found it.

Juan coordinates a team of trainers and researchers that seek to develop innovative training tools to grant the inclusion of migrants. If his parental duties allow him, you will find him in a Music Festival, the cinema or playing sports.

Bego is a psychologist that works on projects related to migration and mental health. She believes that we must be the change we want to see in the world, so she always does everything with soul and heart. She is the adoptive mother of Farah, a friendly dog that loves mountains and rivers.

European education & learning institute

The European Education and Learning Institute -EELI- operates all over the island of Crete, Greece. EELI’s base is in the city of Rethymno located in the centre of Crete and we have further branches in the cities of Chania and Heraklion. EELI offers services in a wide range of community programmes; we aim to actively contribute to the life long learning of people of all ages and strengthen cooperation in education throughout Europe.

Kalli Rodopoulou is a sociologist and researcher with experience in the development of educational programmes. She holds a Bachelor in Social Studies and a Master of Science in Sociology. She is a mother of two boys and a little dog! Kalli is sociable, loves travelling and has a strong passion for good food.


Gioulia Stagaki is a French teacher and has worked in several educational institutions in Greece. She also holds a MA in Professional Translation and has worked as a freelance translator for several organizations abroad. Currently, she is working as a project coordinator for EELI and has been involved in several educational projects. She loves travelling, hanging out with friends and exercising.

Maria Xepapadaki holds a BSc degree in Social and Philosophical Studies and a MSc in Social and Applied Psychology. She also has certification from National and Kapodistrian University of Athens in the programmes “Special Education: Converging Interdisciplinary Practices” and “Social Exclusion: Models – Practices – Institutional Solutions”. Currently, she is working as a project coordinator for EELI and she completes her doctorate studies in Social Psychology.

universitatea din pitesti

the University of Pitesti has polarized the interest of many young people in the country for the programs of study it offered, for the quality of the education provided by the exceptional academic staff , but also for the students from all over the world, since Pitesti is famous for the largest Romanian Language Training Center for Foreign Students.

Cristina Dumitru – PhD Lecturer, University of Pitesti, Romania 

Well… who am I? I am a teacher. I have done my studies in Special Education and the main lines of research and interest are inclusive education, alternative and augmentative communication, specific learning disorders. 

My moto is “to learn means to change” … so I move around, I love travelling, communicating, sharing and of course “promoting inclusion”.

My best regards to all of you!

Florentina Bucuroiu – PhD Lecturer, University of Pitesti, Romania

I love sharing resources and emotions, getting to know people and their life-building stories, reading and writing, all subsumed to the idea that: Know better, do better!

 My main interest domains are (didactic) communication with neurotypical and neurodivergent individuals, pedagogy, language teaching, literature. 

Motivational and self-improvement strategies are always on my mind, both for me and for the people around. 

Glad to be part of the TOFIE team!

Creative Learning Programmes Ltd.

Creative Learning Programmes Ltd. (CLP) is an educational company active in a wide range of European programmes which contribute to the professional development and lifelong learning of people of all ages. CLP works with European projects that aim to promote mobility for the unemployed, for young workers, and for trainers and educators. These mobility actions provide opportunities for individuals to improve their skills, enhance their employability and gain cultural awareness in a different European country.

Chrysi is a projects manager, teacher and researcher, with more than 15 years of experience in education.

As if these were not enough, she recently started a PhD in Languages and Intercultural studies.
She is multilingual, creative and sociable, and loves travelling and learning new things.

Robert is dedicated to creating opportunities and fairness in education. A Human geography graduate, he has taught English as a foreign language and served food to hungry customers, before working in Erasmus+ projects. Often found in the kitchen cooking, or on a paddle board out to sea!


Logopsycom is an education innovation center that creates and uses alternative methods or tools (digital or not) to accompany schools, VET centers, educational organizations, youngsters and parents. It was initially created as a care company, specialized on learning disorders, among youngsters, especially in “Dys” (Dyspraxia, Dysphasia, Dyslexia, etc.), also called Specific Learning Disorders (SLD) and therefore always works on the accessibility of content.

Fernanda Santana, project coordinator at Logopsycom since 2020. Logopsycom’s role in the project is to bring their experience in specific learning disorders, accessibility and inclusiveness.

Aleksandra Nowak is the assistant director of Logopsycom where she supervises all the pedagogical activities. Her competences and knowledge development within Logopsycom activities are focused on adaptation of material for DYS learners especially in terms of written content (graphics, presentation, fonts, etc.). Likewise her interests lay in social innovation, non-formal learning of coding, empowering inclusion and sustainability.